With our testing you get:

Testing methods that conform to or exceed ASTM requirements
Testing for up to 32 elements to determine wear metals, contaminants and additives
FT-IR analysis to determine lubricant degradation and second phase fluid contamination

     (i.e. water, fuel, glycol)
Viscosity (Tested at both 40°C and 100°C)
Water Content
Particle Counting to determine contaminant and wear particle levels
TAN (Total Acid Number)
TBN (Total Base Number)
Fuel Dilution

We are proud to offer lubricant and fuel sampling as part of our maintenance services. Lubricants are the life blood of your equipment so why not insure their integrity with oil sampling? Thanks to our partnership with APEX Oil Labs, we can provide top of the line analysis quickly and accurately on your lubricants. From compressors to gearboxes, from diesel engines to electric motors, we've got you covered. 

Samples are analyzed within 24 hours of receipt and if received in the lab before 11:00 am, they are done the same day. All reports are delivered through our ShareFile report system and archived for your convenience. 

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