Belt Sheave Alignment- Problems with belt wear or sheave wear? Alignment is most likely your problem. A quick alignment with our belt alignment tool and your well on your way to saving money and eliminating downtime.

Precision Balancing-We perform balancing of equipment such as blowers, fans and motors to reduce probability of damage that can occur to both the driven and driving machines such as bearing failure which could result in costly repair.

Laser Alignments-Laser alignments are critical on shaft to shaft applications. Our lasers allow us to align motor to driven machine with pinpoint accuracy. We also use stainless steel shims with our alignments. The benefit of stainless steel shims is that they resist rust and will not compress under the weight of the machine like other materials such as brass.

Vibration Analysis- We also provide vibration data collection at regular intervals to provide you with a preventive maintenance package to prevent catastrophic failure of equipment and costly downtime. With our CSI brand vibration data collection units. Our technicians can obtain data on-site and troubleshoot equipment to prevent lost production time.